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IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. When sun-kissed shoulders were the ultimate erogenous zone, and always salty sandy feet and amber cheeks flecked with freckles were symbols of a golden moment in time.

The boys and girls sported ultra long sun-bleached locks. The golden highlights as natural as their wheat colored hair. A triangle bikini, a concert T and a pair of flip flops (zoris) were considered a uniform.

Say the Sun flip flops are modeled after these original tatami soled Zoris. They were as popular in California as they were to Hawaii. Back then they only came in red, navy or black velvet. This is the basis Say the Sun. 

A modern, more refined approach to the beach girl lifestyle in the 70’s and 80’s. Our cheeky wink to the essence of early beach girl lifestyle in Southern California. The fabrications now vary with an ironic wink at sweet coppertone scented days of nostalgia. They are from the street and for the street. Accessible luxury for everyone with a fashion state of mind. Anti-fashion and ultimate fashion all in one.

The style and the summer never ended and it will always evolve.

Coming to a summer near you.